current poetry publishing credits: Elizabeth Schott

"The Art Historian Loses Her Sight" and "Landscape," winter/spring 2009 , New Letters
"Umbilical" and "Walnut Fruit," forthcoming, Stand
"Angelus Mortis" and "Umbilical," fall 2008, Phoebe
"Venus of Willendorf," summer 2008, North American Review,
"The Weird Vegetarian Poem,"2008, the anthology Hunger and Thirst
"Miscarriage," Spring/Summer 2008, Soundings East
"Miscarriage," 2008, Mourning Sickness: Stories and Poems about Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss
"Veil," Spring 2008, MotherVerse
"Maw," May 2008, the anthology The Mom Egg
"Junkie," March 30, 2008, Mamazine
"Seraphim," March 2008, Literary Mama
"Minnesota," 2007, the anthology Alternatives to Surrender
"Nude," Fall 2007, Volume 33, number 4, California Quarterly
"Heavens Open," Fall 2007, The Handmaiden
"After Pentecost," Fall 2007, The South Carolina Review
"The Message Comes," "Born," and "Knowing," June 2007, Liaisons II:The R. D. Lawrence Commemorative Anthology
"Ardor" and "Nude," July 2007, Illuminations
"Miscarriage" and "Verliefd," Spring 2007, Zone 3
"The Heart has More Chambers," September 2000, The Mindfulness Bell
"Creation and Expulsion," Summer 1997, South Coast Writing Project Anthology

updated 2-25-09